Blencathra – descending east – part 2

After producing the initial flat artwork to use as a starting point (see Part 1 here) I have now created the coloured layers that will enable me to screen print the final piece.

This process involves pulling out the main shapes from the starting image, sharpening areas of texture that I particularly like and basically finessing things as I go. There is no Photoshop Filter that automates this process, it’s just a case of slowly consolidating things into layers.

Below you can see how it’s looking.

I had hoped to make this project less colours than my Trow Gill Gorge print but it ended up being 11 colours, although the sky and far hills are almost like a small print themselves and end up adding to the complexity.

There are also 5 layers which are colour blends which will add a little challenge to the print process but I can’t wait to get started.

Lots of things happening here at ‘Cats HQ which I can hopefully reveal soon…

Thanks for reading!

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