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Bruce Pennington Space Cats Painting
Painting by Bruce Pennington

Hello folks, here’s an update on some things.

The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast posters are starting to ship out. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on the tote bags and t-shirts, so people who ordered just a poster are inadvertently getting an earlier shipping date. Sorry for any upset!

Heads up to fellow UK people who sell posters and the like: postage to the US has just ramped up quite considerably.

This is affecting the shipping costs of the HP Podcraft orders, since the pre-paid postage reflects rates that are now out of date. This sucks but we’re just going to eat the costs, as it doesn’t seem fair to pass on the bad luck to the lovely people who’re already supporting the project.

In related news, my Etsy Shop is currently in Holiday mode while I concentrate on fulfilling HP Podcraft orders. Once I figure out the new US postage costs, it’ll be updated and back online. Thanks for the support up until now and for your understanding during the temporary break.

How is everyone doing anyway? I hope you’re all coping okay and staying safe. Can I be honest with you? I’m struggling with a few things at the moment. There are problems in my street with drugs and criminal activity and they are very slow to being resolved… it’s getting me down.

Thankfully there are a number of things keeping me going. Such as the great painting seen above, by British Sci-Fi art stalwart Bruce Pennington, which I came across via the highly explorable 70’s Sci-Fi Art Tumblr.

I’m also enjoying new music by my friend Paul Rafferty, who has done a solo thing called Doomshakalaka; and watching random YouTube videos of drummer Larnell Lewis, who’s chops are really superb indeed.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Stay well. Keep Going. Be kind.


  1. Greetings, I ordered your wonderful poster and am eagerly anticipating its arrival. I was just curious about how much you’re losing on the new postage rates. I for one appreciate you not forcing the new expense on us. That said, I would be willing to cover the additional cost through the the “tip jar” or some other way. I think supporting the the Little Folk is crucial, especially these days. Anyways, let me know if I can help.
    Cheers, Scott
    Belgrade, Maine, USA

    • Hey Scott — sorry for my slow reply. Checking my records, your poster may well have arrived with you by now, hope you like it!

      I’m happy to be transparent about the postage costs: for a lot of the US orders, the postage went up by an average of about £5 per order, so total additional cost is in the hundreds. I’ll know more accurately once everything’s shipped.

      Let me be clear, though, neither myself nor the HP Podcraft guys are out of pocket. The project has made enough to cover the additional costs – it’s just a matter of there not quite being as much left in the pot at the end. 🙂

      These things happen. That’s incredibly generous of you to offer to cover the additional but I’m absolutely not soliciting for this. Instead I like to believe the goodwill gets paid back in support, promotion or other ways down the line. That’s how I like to work, anyway.

      Thanks for the comment & the support!


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