Kitty Pins

It’s October. The season of black cats! The season of weird orangey-pink cats!

When I came up with the little AoC cat face designs I absolutely knew I’d end up making lil pins out of them at some point. Well, here they are – Hard enamel smiling cat faces, outlined in shiny gold trim. Available in the Big Cartel shop now.

Lots going on at Army of Cats HQ at the moment. Working away at some stuff for clients, editing a process video I’m really excited about, and got some new work from me to reveal also.

As usual world contains many things to feel anxious about. I’m still battling with that. But there’s lots of positive and progressive things happening too, and I hope in some small way my little bits of stuff and words and photos help contribute to the good side of existence.

Be kind & keep looking out for one another. x

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