New Mailing List!

Army of Cats Creative Studio Mailing List graphic

New AoC Mailing List — click here to sign up!

A slightly different channel for people who would like to support me more directly. Sort of like a Patreon but without having to pay.

There will be new AoC merch: t-shirts, mugs, etc. and I will be selling a whole load of test-prints, rarities, misprints, originals and odds and ends. Things at lots of different price points and there will be a giveaway with every issue – which I plan to only send out maybe a couple of times a month.

First ‘heads up’ on all that stuff will come through the Mailing List, so it would mean a huge deal to me if you would consider signing up and I look forward to sharing all these new bits and pieces.

Thanks as always!

PS – I did have a mailing list a few years ago which I let dwindle into silence… if you signed up for that one, then I have not kept your details – please resign up for the new one, cheers.

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