Artist Graham Pilling holds his new landscape Silkscreen Print of Trow Gill Gorge

Trow Gill Gorge

I am really excited to finally be able to properly share my new landscape fine art print: my depiction of the stunning Trow Gill Gorge in the Yorkshire Dales. This 10 colour screen print has been a few months in the making and my most ambitious piece of printing yet…

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Screen Printing Ink, still wet but looking like nothing has printed

Weird Poster Visuals

I thought I’d share a couple of strange visual things which I experienced recently. I spent the day printing the final colours on my new landscape print. The final colour is a slightly darker version of the previous colour. It’s quite subtle but creates a nice effect. Now ink often…

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Green Man 2021 Screen Printed Poster

For the past few years myself and my UK Poster Association comrades have been a regular fixture at Green Man Music Festival, producing yearly limited-edition posters for some of the acts, providing live screenprinting demonstrations, and displaying and selling work in our now-familiar pop-up marquee. This is a real highlight…

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Spread the Love Screen Print Seagulls LifeHouse Kirkstall Leeds

Seagulls LifeHouse

If you’re a Leeds local you may have heard of Seagulls on Kirkstall Road. They’re well known for their paint recycling services but they also have a space called the LifeHouse. It’s a brilliant facility, with equipment set up for woodworking, jewellery making, copper/silver working, home decorating, printing and more.…

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Graham Pilling's desk setup for recording YouTube unboxing video


New video where I open the mystery box of 20 prints which I received for being part of the 20:20 Print Exchange (2020). Realising it had a few weeks since doing a video, I decided I needed to just sit down and get something done in one take. With no…

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Rejected Shapes vinyl LP artwork by Graham Pilling

Rejected Shapes

Scouring my hard drive for something, I came across the bones of this design which I made back in 2019. I’d pitched it to a band as a gigposter but they didn’t feel it was the right fit. A few weeks later I changed the text and pitched it to…

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Digital painting of Mandarin Duck by Graham Pilling

3 Birds

I did more digital painting and this time I screencaptured my process – check out the video on my YT channel here. The references for these three feathered characters are by photographer Dan Bentley, who does some great work.

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Oystercatcher digital painting for a weekly drawing series on Instagram . I meant to record a process video but I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just do a little bit of a warmup practice before I set anything recording…’ Before I knew it I was completely in a flow state, no…

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