The Earworm

I recently had a bit of an earworm adventure that I thought I’d share. While working during the day, I found myself humming a little bass riff. I did not know what it was but it had this satisfying little pause just before the 4th beat. I found myself nodding…

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A friend and longtime supporter of my work emailed me this the other day. He lives in Sweden and returned home just as the sunlight was bouncing from the windows of the building opposite, through his own windows, and illuminating some framed prints of mine. I really appreciate when people…

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Last Postal Dates 2021

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my work this year, whether you’ve actively bought my work or just lurked in the background sending good juju, it’s all sincerely appreciated. I really mean that! It’s not been an easy year for me but nowhere near as bad as last…

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Artist Graham Pilling holds his new landscape Silkscreen Print of Trow Gill Gorge

Trow Gill Gorge

I am really excited to finally be able to properly share my new landscape fine art print: my depiction of the stunning Trow Gill Gorge in the Yorkshire Dales. This 10 colour screen print has been a few months in the making and my most ambitious piece of printing yet…

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Screen Printing Ink, still wet but looking like nothing has printed

Weird Poster Visuals

I thought I’d share a couple of strange visual things which I experienced recently. I spent the day printing the final colours on my new landscape print. The final colour is a slightly darker version of the previous colour. It’s quite subtle but creates a nice effect. Now ink often…

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Green Man 2021 Screen Printed Poster

For the past few years myself and my UK Poster Association comrades have been a regular fixture at Green Man Music Festival, producing yearly limited-edition posters for some of the acts, providing live screenprinting demonstrations, and displaying and selling work in our now-familiar pop-up marquee. This is a real highlight…

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Spread the Love Screen Print Seagulls LifeHouse Kirkstall Leeds

Seagulls LifeHouse

If you’re a Leeds local you may have heard of Seagulls on Kirkstall Road. They’re well known for their paint recycling services but they also have a space called the LifeHouse. It’s a brilliant facility, with equipment set up for woodworking, jewellery making, copper/silver working, home decorating, printing and more.…

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