Villagers by Sinister Fish Games

Sinister Fish Ahoy!

A while ago I created a logo for Sinister Fish a games publishers founded by my friend Dave Clarke, who I know from way back in the days of playing in bands. Dave recently very kindly hooked me up with a copy of the last game as well as a…

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New Big Cartel Shop

>>> <<< I have a new shop, hosted by Big Cartel. To mark the occasion, there are some new items available – a very limited, A2 version of my ‘Mynydd’ Welsh Mountains print, the return of the ‘Coffee Cat’ patch, and I also dug out some copies of very…

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Room Tour Project 222 CheekiSkrub

The Continued Race for Space

Someone dropped me a line to say they’d spotted a couple of my Public Service Broadcasting prints in a room tour video by YouTuber RandomFrankP. The owner of the setup, CheekiSkrub, has done a very nice job! You can watch the video here. I regularly get messages about whether these…

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Bruce Pennington Space Cats Painting

General Updatery

Hello folks, here’s an update on some things. The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast posters are starting to ship out. Unfortunately I’m still waiting on the tote bags and t-shirts, so people who ordered just a poster are inadvertently getting an earlier shipping date. Sorry for any upset! Heads up to…

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Deer Shed Base Camp

Some new artwork I put together for the Deer Shed Festival guys. As this year’s festival has had to be postponed like nearly everything else, they are testing the waters for a socially distanced camping weekender in the same grounds the festival takes place. It’s a great idea and I…

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Black Lives Matter

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Alvin Toffler Like so many people at the moment, I feel like I’ve cycled through the entire gamut of human emotion while witnessing recent events around the…

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Golden Acre Tree

My wife and I have been going for evening walks over the past couple of weeks. We spend a lot of time outdoors already but evening walks are a bit of a new thing and something we’re really enjoying; places are generally less busy, the light is different (that golden…

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