Seagulls LifeHouse

Seagulls LifeHouse Kirkstall Leeds

If you’re a Leeds local you may have heard of Seagulls on Kirkstall Road.

They’re well known for their paint recycling services but they also have a space called the LifeHouse.

It’s a brilliant facility, with equipment set up for woodworking, jewellery making, copper/silver working, home decorating, printing and more.

They opened only a few months prior to the onset of the pandemic, so unfortunately didn’t really get into their stride but as things begin to open up again they are starting to plan workshops and produce homewares for sale in their shop.

I’ve been working with them a little bit recently, assisting with their screen printing setup, and creating some prints of their ‘Spread the Love’ mosaic design.

Spread the Love Screen Print Seagulls LifeHouse Kirkstall Leeds
Shirley Shelf - Seagulls LifeHouse Kirkstall Leeds

If you’re in Leeds do have a closer look into what they’re all about – they’ve been almost on my doorstep for years but to my shame I never properly investigated until recently. It’s such a great space, with so much potential!

They have an open day and mini-market this Saturday in Leeds. See their Facebook and Instagram feeds for plenty of info and pop along if you’re interested in finding out more.

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