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Rejected Shapes

Scouring my hard drive for something, I came across the bones of this design which I made back in 2019.

I’d pitched it to a band as a gigposter but they didn’t feel it was the right fit. A few weeks later I changed the text and pitched it to a different band. They didn’t really like it either.

I can understand it in this case, some bands are expecting to see something that represents their music, perhaps with flattering lyrical references… and they are disappointed when you present your take on IKEA bed sheets.

Some artists are great at pattern design – for me it’s never really taken off! The thing is, suddenly finding it over a year later, I still quite like it!

So I’ll just use it for myself by starting a new band for artists and graphic designers. Rejected Shapes. Songs about client rejection and endless revisions. You can join if that resonates, just let me know what instrument you’re playing!

The Dissolutions EP Artwork

Some record artwork I put together for a friend of mine’s musical project.

While catching up over a quick video chat, we discussed the direction: bold, limited colour palette, and a vintage horror movie poster kind of vibe.

I already had a bunch of textures from a piece of work that never went anywhere, so that formed a good starting point. I trawled some vintage image resources and found a weird 70’s Japanese watch advert which I liked.

Then it was a case of doing the digital equivalent of blowing things up and warping them on a photocopier. I remember doing this process manually in college, enlarging tiny images, making them really high contrast, and blowing them up again and again. It’s quite addictive.

I think it’s actually quite hard to achieve organic looking results digitally – there isn’t just one filter that does it all – so I’ve been using a variety of techniques in Photoshop in order to develop a process I’m happy with.

In the middle of the process

I dropped a few other bits in. The eyes are from an old Wolfman poster. I tried to be spontaneous and not overthink things when collaging the cut-out pieces. Same with adding a splash of colour. I think it turned out quite nice.

Classic b&w

The vinyl image is just a mock-up, the record is digital. If you like 60’s tinged garage punk, then give it a listen:


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