Trow Gill Gorge

Trow Gill Gorge. 10 Colour Silkscreen Print.

I am really excited to finally be able to properly share my new landscape fine art print: my depiction of the stunning Trow Gill Gorge in the Yorkshire Dales.

This 10 colour screen print has been a few months in the making and my most ambitious piece of printing yet but I’m really, really pleased with the end result.

This print is the first to feature my new monogram emboss and I also designed a certificate which includes a map of the area and co-ordinates to the exact spot I took my original photo.

There are a couple of additional special points with this piece:

  1. In an effort to encourage people to explore and care for amazing outdoor spaces, anyone who visits Trow Gill Gorge after purchasing a print and sends me a photo to show they were there will receive something special in the post.
  2. A portion of the sales of this print will be donated towards organisations or charities focusing on environmental/climate change issues.

These prints are an edition of 30 and are up on my Big Cartel and Etsy shops now, priced at £160.

I’m still working on a short process video but in the meantime, here are some photos:

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