Yard Act

I did a poster for Leeds band Yard Act.

I really like the video for ‘Land of the Blind’ and immediately wanted to indulge my love of vintage magician posters by creating something similar for James’ persona in the video. I’m really glad the band were into the idea and a huge thanks to them for letting me put this together for them. Good eggs.

Hand screen printed by me in a limited edition of 50. Four colour versions.

I don’t draw faces very often but this started life as digital pencils done using the new Chromagraph pencils from True Grit Texture Supply which I really like. I then used the ‘Zine Machine‘ (also from True Grit!) to create the halftone version you see in the poster.

A bad magician always reveals their secrets.

James from Yard Act Portrait

These will be available from the magical poster stall at Deer Shed Festival this weekend. The least favourite colours will then go up in my shop afterwards, and the band will have a few also (they might just keep ’em though, who knows).

Cheers until next time. x

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