New video where I open the mystery box of 20 prints which I received for being part of the 20:20 Print Exchange (2020).

Realising it had a few weeks since doing a video, I decided I needed to just sit down and get something done in one take. With no script, it’s pretty loosey goosey and I have become excruciatingly aware of some of my verbal repetitions…!

Anyway, please give it a watch, and I’ll try and not leave it so long until the next one.

I have enjoyed going down a few YouTube rabbit holes of late. Here are some other channels you might like:

1. James Gurney

Really nice plein-aire painting by this nice American gentleman. I find James’ manner very calming and positive. There are so many art tips and tricks peppered throughout his commentary. A wholesome character but with a mischievous vibe I really like.

2. Woby Design

Ben Paik makes a bunch of stuff out of recycled skateboard decks. I’m a bit addicted to the craft & wood/metalworking YT channel genre at the moment but Ben’s work really stands out. The ply deck material he uses is really beautiful.

2. Mr Puzzle

A German guy who solves puzzles. As simple as it sounds. A portal into a community of people who design and engineer some really incredible puzzles and artifacts. And the genuine delight when Mr Puzzle finds a solution is great.

I love to be recommended new channels, so if you have any personal favourites feel free to share.

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